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Youth1 State Ranking Nominations

Youth1 is naming top football players in EACH STATE this year!

Didn’t make the national list for the Freshman450 (2024s), Elite101 (2024s), Sophomore Spotlight200 (2023s) or NextUp Watchlist (2026s)? That doesn’t mean that you’re not a great prospect. Now’s your time to put your name on the map as one of the best players in your state. 

Youth1’s top prospects reports have launched the careers of thousands of DI prospects. Appearing on the list gets athletes noticed by scouts, college coaches, elite camp organizers and media outlets. 

Do you think you have what it takes to make a top prospect list in your state? Send us your info and highlight tape to ensure that you get a close look. But act fast, because we’re only taking 1000 outside submissions.

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Submit an athlete for consideration for the state top prospect report for your grade.

  • NextUp Watchlist - Class of 2026
  • Elite101 - Class of 2025
  • Freshman450 - Class of 2024
  • Sophomore Spotlight 200 - Class of 2023
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Athlete Submission with Exposure Benefits

Submit an athlete for state top prospect report consideration report and sign up for a Youth1 Membership. Benefits include...

  • Access to all top prospect reports
  • A Spotlight Article to put you on the map
  • A Video Interview to introduce your skills and story to the world
  • Recruiting tools for athletes looking to play sports in college.
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