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Submit a performance and get guaranteed exposure as a 'Youth1 Mover & Shaker'.

  • Create your own press to get in front of college coaches, scouts and camp organizers.
  • Get a noteworthy performance highlighted on with the best athletes in the country.
  • Earn a chance to win our Athlete of the Month Award. Winners get a feature article, video interview with football editor Ryan Oliver and top of the line social media promotion.
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Put Yourself on the Map.

Do you want to jump-start your exposure? Does your performance deserve to be noticed more than just in your area? Do you want instant access to the national spotlight? Then you’re a Youth1 Mover and Shaker.

Don't wait for the spotlight to find you. Submit a performance and create your own brand as a special athlete. There are so many reasons to become a Mover and Shaker.


Instant Exposure

Youth1 has a massive following of people that matter: Camp organizers, college coaches and scouts. Submitting a performance guarantees you a spot on that week.


Extra Promotion

We are the most trusted brand in youth and prep sports when it comes to promoting athletes. Our movers and shakers section gets all the bells and whistles of Youth1 content and we promote it to get the most eyes on your performance.


Align yourself with top athletes

Youth1 is home of the top prospects in the country. Getting featured as a Mover and Shaker puts your name on the same platform and them. And if they don't keep up, you'll take the spotlight.


Earn a chance to win a major award

Every month Youth1 will selection an Athlete of the Month. The winner gets a feature article, video interview including your best highlights and a huge social media blast. This award will take any players resume to the next level!

Get Exposure